Alone, Together

This is a game I built as a way to help me deal with the possible outcomes of my father being diagnosed with cancer.   My Dad and I have always been close, and he has always been extremely encouraging of my pursuits in the arts and XR development.  

I challenged myself to build the game over a seven day period.  I built the game in Unity, utilizing the terrain system and using some tree assets that I purchased from the  Unity Asset store.  I modeled everything else in the game, including the great dane, aiming to keep it as low poly as possible because I knew the game would be using a considerable amount of post-processing to acheive the look I was after.  

I built a custom shader for tri-colored fog, as well as a cel-shader that is applied to select materials.

The Gallery Projects

I built the gallery projects a few different times with the intention of having a version for a wired headset like an HTC vive or an Oculus Rift, but ended up making a few different builds of it once I got my hands on an Oculus Quest 2.  I wanted to create a second version that could be downloaded and played from the website, and another version that could be played from a webpage in a THREE.js canvas or through babylon.js.

APK can be downloaded here

Zac Abney, 2022, British Columbia, Canada

CONTACT// email/ zacabney@gmail.com