My TEDx preformance with Madison Olds
Standing in front of a mural I completed on the Paramount Theatre in Kamloops Painting at ArtBattle in Kamloops

Hi! I’m Zac.

I’m a British Columbia based environment artist, multi-disciplinary artist, and developer.

I am passionate about exploring the relationships between people and the designs and artwork that speak to them. I believe that artwork is the most effective language for translating emotions, and I create my work to help them explore that dynamic.

I pride myself on my ability to think outside of the box, especially when presented with a problem. This is reflected not only through my professional work, but also in my free time.

I enjoy rebuilding vehicles, renovating my house, creating small robots, painting, going to the gym, hiking, and generally staying very active. I build my daily routine around a model of efficency and productivity.

Knowledge Base

-Communication Design
-Industrial Design
-Achitecture and building design Standards
-Branding Packages
-Art History


-Presented at TEDxTRU with Madison Olds.  I was tasked with creating a painting in 15 minutes based on a theme provided by the crowd without any reference material or preplanning.

-Best of Kamloops Silver 2017, 2018, 2019

-Article ”Artist Creates Masterpieces On His Dirty Truck”

-Article “Its All Coming Together For Kamloops Artist”


Zac Abney, 2022, British Columbia, Canada

CONTACT// email/ zacabney@gmail.com