3D ARTIST + VR/XR GENERALIST

A British Columbia based environment artist, multi-disciplinary artist, and developer.

I am passionate about exploring the relationships between people and the designs and artwork that speak to them. I believe that artwork is the most effective language for translating emotions, and I create my work to help them explore that dynamic.

I pride myself on my ability to think outside of the box, especially when presented with a problem. This is reflected not only through my professional work, but also in my free time.

I enjoy rebuilding vehicles, renovating my house, creating small robots, painting, going to the gym, hiking, and generally staying very active. I build my daily routine around a model of efficency and productivity.

Knowledge Base

-Communication Design
-Industrial Design
-Achitecture and building design Standards
-Branding Packages
-Art History and its Influence

Programs and Languages

-Adobe Photoshop
-Adobe Illustrator
-Adobe After Effects
-Adobe Premier Pro
-Adobe Substance 3D
-JavaScript(THREE.js, REACT.js, GSAP. Babylon.js, VITE.js)
-Visual Studio Code
-Unreal 4
-Visual Studio/ C#


-Presented at TEDxTRU with Madison Olds.  I was tasked with creating a painting in 15 minutes based on a theme provided by the crowd without any reference material or preplanning.

-Best of Kamloops Silver 2017, 2018, 2019

-Article ”Artist Creates Masterpieces On His Dirty Truck”

-Article “Its All Coming Together For Kamloops Artist”

Published: 1937
ISBN: 1-85798-807-8
Pages: 339
Genre: Science fiction

Born: 10 May 1886
Died: 6 September 1950
Cheshire, England, UK
Science fiction, Philosophy

Last and First Men
Odd John
Last Men in London
Darkness and the Light

Hi,I'm Zac.

Zac Abney, 2022, British Columbia, Canada

CONTACT// email/ zacabney@gmail.com