In 2021 I began taking courses through UBC’s Extended Learning Programs to become more familiar with Unity, especially when developing programs and games for VR, XR, and AR applications.  

During the course I worked with a team of roughly 15 people developing a game where the player needs to solve a series
of puzzles in order to escape a space station with an alien infestation.  We worked collaboratively to write the Game Manager, scripts, create puzzles, model and source assets
and record audio.

I began working in Unreal after playing Red Matter by Veritcal Robot Studios.  I had been working in Unity, but I realized the majority of studios wanted applicants with expereience in Unreal.  I believe that both Unity and Unreal have strengths and weaknesses, but in order to create games with a high-level of visual fidelity for VR games.


-Substance Painter
-Substance Designer
-Premier Pro

Working on
-Houdini(See blog for progress)

Zac Abney, 2022, British Columbia, Canada

CONTACT// email/ zacabney@gmail.com